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February 14, 2014
First things first... We have Ice!!! The reconditioned compressor was installed this past Monday afternoon. Since then the floor has been cooling and floods have been occurring. There are still 3-4 floods required before we'll have ice that's ready to curl on.

That should put us ready to open the doors for an Open house and open ice at noon on Sunday (2/16). We will be having an open house from 12pm - 3pm on Sunday. Spread the word! Come out to throw some stones, bring your friends, talk with the board about the issues we've had and what's been done, and pay your dues.

Speaking of dues... The board has approved reduced dues this year because of the reduced season. Dues will be $165. Whether you curl one night or 5, dues will be the same. We understand that some may think that this is still high considering how much ice time we've had in the last 2 years, but the club has incurred some major bills in that time to get the ice back. And for that reason, the dues are what they are.

Since we will have ice ready on Sunday, the plan is to start leagues starting on Sunday. We know that this is very short notice, but we're already on borrowed time. So a somewhat rushed and unorganized first week is better than waiting. Please get the word out to your teams, ASAP! If you have already contacted to sign up your team, you are most likely still signed up for the day you requested. But it can't hurt to double check. If you have not signed up yet, please do ASAP!

We assume that there will be some additions/changes to the schedules as more teams sign up. We want to get teams out on the ice as soon as we can. Teams can expect to get their schedules as soon as they are available. This might be the day of your league this week. Please try to be patient and understanding. We're working on this as fast as we can. To prevent churn after the first week, if you plan on having a team, please have them signed up with by Friday, 2/22 at the absolute latest!

The season will run from Sunday, 2/16 through Thursday, 4/17. This will give us a 9 week season. The city has agreed to allow us to keep the building for a few extra weeks, allowing for us to extend the season. This is assuming that the weather cooperates with us and we can keep playable ice.

There will be more information to come in the coming week or two about bonspiels as we get some of the dates set and planning started.

The board wants you to know that the cost of this project has been huge. Well over what we expected. We definitely do not want to sound like a broken record, but donations are gladly accepted to help your club out. We will only be able to keep our account with the Mankato Foundation for a short time. So, if you plan to make a donation to the club this year and want it to be tax deductible, it should be done earlier rather than later. We will most likely have to close our fundraising with them by later this spring sometime.

Again, the board thanks you for your patience. It has definitely been a whirlwind of ups and downs in the past months, and we're hoping that we only have ups in the future.

Thank you all....Good Curling!

February 6, 2014
Ok it's been a while, since not much to say.

First off, we do anticipate installation of a refurbished compressor either Friday or Monday so we can begin drawing down the floor and making ice.

That said, we will be able to have a short season, with rates modified accordingly. It is imperative though that you do sign up as the club needs some cash flow in order to pay the bills over the summer and then next season hit it full bore, early.

Secondly, we intend to host a memorial spiel in Erv Kurth's name, and also to honor past members that are no longer with us.

More to come soon, Thank you for your patience. this has not been easy for any of us.


January 16, 2014

Time for another update. So, by now you know that we are fixing the compressor (s) for the system and we will keep you posted on that.

In the meantime, some good news. Our friends in Mapleton have volunteered to help us out by setting up a couple of nights of league opportunities.

The details are yet to be worked out (fee structure that will tie into our own membership), but we are looking at a late league on Tuesday evenings (8:30 start) and then something on Thursday evenings as well. The plan is that these teams would transfer back to Mankato once we have ice and we would adjust schedules accordingly. We hope to have this in place to begin the week of January 28th.

The other thing is the Men's spiel. We are looking at hosting it on their ice on the same weekend as planned. Which would be January 31 - February 2, 2014.

They have a board meeting tonight to discuss these issues so we will have details in a day or two. In the meantime please contact Aaron ( if you are interested in the league idea (participation is limited) and contact Russ ( if you have any other questions or comments.

Keep an eye on our web page, facebook page, and your email for updates.



January 10, 2014

Well, this isn't good news but it's got to be said...

We fired up that single compressor on Tuesday and in four hours it managed to pull the temperature of the floor down a couple degrees. But sadly at that point it stopped running. The short story is that the oil pump is failing, and then kicking the system off as a safety. They spent some time trying to fix the piece in their shop and researched replacing it as well but had no luck, even dealing with the national rep for the Dunham-Busch company (OEM).

So - bottom line, AIR is in the process of finding/quoting a replacement compressor. Theoretically this can be done quickly (apparently more so then chillers can be found) and the installation is fairly simple. But I won't lie to you and say "might be done next week" because that would be the perfect scenario and I do not see that happening.

What I do see happening is we will still get in a season, perhaps a bit shorter (with adjusted rates as necessary) although I will see if the city will extend our spring cleanout date a couple weeks, weather permitting.

I will keep you informed each step of the way. In the meantime, hang tight. We do not want to lose our club to this. And, with new chillers, and compressors, we should be on the path to numerous trouble free years.


January 7, 2014

Seems like a great time for an ice update. Here is the deal..

If you have driven by the club in the past couple of weeks you may have noticed trucks from AIR by the back door. The crew was in the process of installing heat exchangers (instead of a new chiller barrel) in the Ice plant room. This part of the project is done.

The next step was to start the compressors but prior to this they discovered a large amount of moisture in the system and had been working to draw that moisture out. During this phase it was also discovered that compressor # 1 was locked up. Turns out when we shut it down there was moisture, with brine, in the compressor itself and it corroded things up badly.

There is a bright side however - it is a dual compressor system. We believe we can run on one compressor - just might not be as quick to chill or keep up as well, but we have run on one before. They proceeded with drying things and as of late yesterday they felt they were in position to start the compressor and start charging the system. That is exactly the state it's in right now - being charged with coolant.

What's that mean? Well provided it holds the charge and things hold up we should be starting to cool the floor tonight or tomorrow morning. Depending on conditions, and no other setbacks, it will take two or three days, to bring the temperature of the floor down enough to start flooding. If this current schedule holds we could have playable ice by Sunday, but that will be up to the ice technicians and the compressor itself. The ice crew has put lines down and is ready to flood as soon as they start to freeze.

That's what I know at the moment. Wish I could say "doors are open, come toss rocks" but I can't at the moment. Please stay tuned to the web site and our Facebook page for regular updates.

Thank you for your patience.


December 30, 2013
Fellow Curlers!

I figured as a welcome to the New Year I would update you on some club items.

First off, Congratulations go out to Team Runing (Melissa Runing, Katelyn Furst, Caiti Flannery and Aly Deegan) who qualified for Junior Nationals with a second place finish in the Minnesota State Juniors Ladies competition this past weekend. Way to go girls!

Next, thanks to the efforts of a number of people we are almost ready to make ice. We (the board) did not want to get a lot of false hopes up with repeated “maybe this week” messages but we are finally close. The last touches to the ice plant are in progress and we hope to fire the system up over the next couple of days in preparation for making ice.

We are planning on having ice available for Open Curling sometime the week of Jan 5th with League play beginning on January 12th. Please watch the website and e-mails for updates.

Finally - Please register your league team now by emailing, or sign up at the Club. This info is sent to Aaron Wishart so he can start putting schedules together. If you do not have a team but would like to get on a list use that link as well.

We will keep you informed, in the meantime have a safe and Happy New Year.


December 14, 2013
The Chiller was delayed through the supplier. It should be delivered to the club by Monday, December 16th. Installation will begin shortly after that.

All of the pipes in the floor have been closed up and testing should begin shortly to test for leaks in the floor and to flush out anything that may have gotten into the pipes during repairs. Contact the board if you have any questions.

Thanks and Good Curling!

December 2, 2013
Chiller is slated for delivery later this week, with installation starting on the week of December 9th!

November 20, 2013
Hello All,

The board wanted to pass along a few updates that we think everyone will be interested in. Today a new chiller was ordered. Our estimate for delivery and installation is approximately 4 weeks. So, with any luck, we'll be making ice by the latter part of December. Just in time for Christmas!

That means that we will start forming teams for our regular season to start in early January. Please start forming your teams and contact to get your team signed up.

Now the bad news... While we're waiting on the new chiller, we still have repairs to be completed on the floor. There will be groups working this week on Wednesday night and Thursday night starting at 6:30pm. And again this weekend from 10am - 4pm. If you are able to come out, great! Bring your favorite hammer chisel and eye protection...

Good Curling!

November 10, 2013
Greetings fellow curlers,

I realize you are waiting on updates on the club, I just like to have answers myself prior to sending out updates.

The current status is thus...


We were just about finished patching up the pipes when some unexpected, yet very timely, free advice showed up. Turns out while what we are doing is correct in theory we need to use some different materials and expose a little more of the pipes in some instances to get a proper seal. This work will continue into next week and then we will flush the floor a couple of times while looking for leaks.

Ice Plant:
We ran into another snag on the chiller procurement but thanks to Kim's hard work have found a new path and we are at the point of deciding - brine or glycol. There are pros/cons to each and we are waiting estimates on each.

Long story short:
We are still planning to have ice mid to late December with an eye on a full regular season.

Helping out:
I know there are those that would like to help out, and I appreciate that. It's just that the space we are currently working in is rather small. We do however need to finish club setup so if you can find a bit of time to help, or just want to stop by and see what the floor looks like cut open, stop up evenings next Wednesday, November 13th and Thursday, November 14th. There will be plenty of tasks at that time.

Updates on a timely schedule. Last year it seemed like we were flooding folks mail boxes. that can be a pain to sort through and can lead to stuff being junked as "spam". To combat this, but to keep you informed, please keep an eye on the club site - Terry is going to make a page that will include pictures and a bi-weekly update as to what is going on.

Thank you for your patience,


PS: Really one last thing. It seems some people still are not getting emails. From my understanding our mail list includes everyone who added their email address to their membership envelope last year. So... if you hear of someone that says "I've not heard anything" please ask them to a) check their junk/spam filters, or b) send a note to the board (link is on the web site) so we can check. It may just be a typo, or their address changed.

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